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F.O. Feline Leather Jacket

F.O. Feline Leather Jacket

This jacket can bring good attention to you. Because no one would dare piss you off by having something bad to say. Right?!


This Real leather jacket is re-crafted into a vest and hand branded with a branding iron, then hand painted over each burn. Metal studds are added to give it weight and sex appeal while still sticking to the point of it all. 



Button closure with nylon liner.

This real leather jacket has been handpainted, re-crafted and handstudded with metal studds. 

This is a button closure with a nylon liner.


This jacket is made to order in sizes S - M - L- XL - XXL.

Each jacket is not exact as another. 

All are a one-of-a kind piece created by B. Unique.


    man and woman trying on colorful and bla

    Live Pop-Up


     coming in  November! 

    Anytime, Anywhere

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