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About B.Unique Jackets:


All are one-of -a kind, re-worked

and by Designer/Artist B. Unique.

Each jacket is

a custom "RockStar" inspired

 statement piece.

All pieces are subject to hand painting, iron branding, embroidery,

foiling, screen printing, studding, dyeing,

photo transferring, rhinestones (claw, not glue),

feathers, faux fur and so much more...

 (See the "Gallery" page for examples).

Custom jackets can be also made from a jacket that you might already have. 

(See "CUSTOM") page for more information.




     Like some people, I had the most paralyzing stage fright growing up,  Never got much attention.

But secretly wanted to perform in front of a sea of people at Madison Square Garden.

I just said F' it! The only thing in life I ever wanted to be was a rockstar.

That was NEVER going to happen! 

But I could feel like a Rockstar...


So I created a jacket to wear. I wore it to a rock concert. People were coming up and complimenting me on it. Some wanting to take a picture with me or even want to wear it.    

This jacket changed my life.

But life happens, and you have no backstage parties to go to anymore or raves you know about... 

So you chill and do your homework,,, Thats what you do.

At the age of 42 years old, I began college at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Ca. I became so focused and determined to go for my dreams.  I wanted to make jackets for Rockstars.

I interned for one of the most creative designers in the world, Candice Cuoco.

 I've never met someone so focused on what she wanted.

Her talent was inspirational, and I absorbed her drive and creativity like a sponge. She has done exactly what she said she wanted to do.

 Much Respect.


So, long story short. I started re-designing jackets and wearing them to concerts, local shows, bars, Symphony's, pop-ups, parties, talking to anyone that liked them while I was traveling all over America and Abroud. Wherever I could...

Now I design and make custom jackets for all different types of people. 

 People tell me, "They get so much attention when they wear their jacket".

They're excited and full of confidence.

 I love that!

             Never underestimate

     the power of a cool jacket.





a.k.a "The Fairy Rock Mother"

About B.Unique

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